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How to Incorporate

Can you incorporate without an attorney?

Yes, you can incorporate without an attorney. It is important, however, that certain wording to be added articles of incorporation, by-laws, minutes for meetings and other documents so that the corporation can provide legal protection, tax savings and other important corporate benefits. Professionally prepared articles, by-laws and minutes for minutes are provided in the Lawyers Limited complete package.

What is the procedure for forming a corporation and what legal documents are required?

Choose a name for your corporation. At least one person’s name and address is typically needed. The person must be of legal age. Additional person’s names can generally be added to the corporation after it has been filed. Fees to cover the set-up costs. Please click herefor a Quick Quote

How much will it cost to form and run a corporation?

Cost to run a corporation.

  • Annual state fees typically range from $20 to $100 per year.
  • Registered agent fees are $139 per year.


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