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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

In this Agreement (“Agreement”) “you” and “your” refer to each customer, “we,” us,” “our,” “LL,” and “the company” refer to Lawyers Limited (NV) and/or Liberty Business Group, Inc. (NV), (that manages the brand names Companies Incorporated, Asset Protection Planners, Offshore Company, as well as other brands and websites), its contractors, agents, employees, officers, directors and affiliates and “Services” refers to the services provided by us. This Agreement explains our obligations to you and your obligations to us as they relate to the Services. By using the Services under this Agreement, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by all terms and conditions of this Agreement and any pertinent rules or policies that are or may be published by us. You acknowledge that you are over eighteen years of age, or have otherwise reached the age of majority in your jurisdiction.


Pursuant to this Agreement, LL will perform a preliminary, non-binding name availability search to determine whether the corporate name you have chosen is already in use by another corporation in your selected state, province or country. (Corporation, limited liability company, and/or similar entity types are used interchangeably herein where applicable.) If your selected corporate name is not available, LL will then (in the order of preference listed by you in your application) search the alternate corporate names you have provided until the search results yield a corporate name that is available. In the event that you do not include the proper corporate designator (i.e., “Inc.,” “Corp.,” or “Corporation”) LL will add the “Inc.” (or “LLC” for limited liability companies) suffix upon filing with your chosen state, province or country.

You agree that you are responsible for the spelling of the corporate name(s) you have provided. You agree that you have double-checked that the corporate name(s) herein are spelled exactly as you desire. You understand that this request is not reversible after you submit your request.

While we make every effort to obtain the most recently updated information, we cannot guarantee that the most recent information on corporate name availability is provided to us. Accordingly, we do not guarantee that the name is available for use as a corporate name in your state, province or country. LL is not responsible in any way for reliance on the availability of a corporate name. Moreover, we recommend that you do not print letterheads, business cards or make any investment in the name until you receive government confirmation that the name has been approved and company has been filed.

In the event that your corporate name and alternatives are unavailable and you do not provide other alternatives in writing on the day of your order, you authorize LL to add the words “Enterprises,” “Holdings,” “Management,” “Ventures,” or “Capital” to the end of the name. If you do not provide a company name to LL within 24 hours of your order you authorize LL to choose a name on your behalf.

We cannot and do not check to see whether the corporate name you select, or the use you make of the corporate name, infringes the legal rights of others. We urge you to investigate to see whether the corporate name you select or its use infringes legal rights of others, and in particular we suggest you seek advice of competent counsel licensed to practice law in the applicable jurisdiction.


Please keep in mind, that LL spends a significant amount of time and money to fulfill orders. We typically process orders as soon as reasonably possible. Thus, money paid to LL and money LL has already been paid to the government for filing, to affiliates, suppliers or others expenses to fulfill your order is not refundable, including, but not limited to, credit card processing fees. Due to the nature of our services and the time reserved to complete your documents, our consulting fees are considered “earned upon receipt” and non-refundable, ensuring availability of our agreed upon general timetable or priority schedule, our commitment to not work with parties we feel whose interests may be adverse to your interests (including those who might otherwise wish to retain our services to proceed against your planning structure), and access to our global network of trust companies, protectors, CPAs, attorneys, investment advisors, and bankers.

A $75 fee will be added to all checks returned to LL due to non-sufficient funds or closed accounts. In addition, a bank service fee will be charged on these checks.

In addition, while LL will go to great efforts to accommodate our customers, mechanical or human error may occur. Thus, if for any reason your incorporation request, LLC formation request, trust request, trademark search or trademark application preparation request or other request contains errors, was completed or fulfilled improperly or is unreasonably delayed, destroyed, misplaced, or otherwise missing, LL WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR COMPENSATORY DAMAGES. YOUR SOLE REMEDY WITH LL WILL BE A REFUND OF FEES PAID TO LL FOR THAT PORTION OF THE SERVICES AS ALLOWED UNDER THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

In the event that a rush order has been placed, we will make every effort to complete the corporate filing pursuant to your request. Because LL makes every effort to ensure the completeness and comprehensiveness of your corporate filing, we do not guarantee that the order will be filed in the time you requested. In the event that your rush order is not filed on time, your sole remedy will be limited to a refund of the additional fees paid for the rush filing.

If you have paid via check by fax, check by phone, check by Internet, ACH or similar method, there will be a hold placed on your order until our bank confirms that your payment has cleared. The typical time is three to five business days, not including weekends or bank holidays. This time depends on the bank and not LL. Only after we have received confirmation that the funds have cleared do we begin processing your order.

LL goes to great effort to communicate with customers. However, all telephone messages, emails or other means of communication may not receive a reply one-hundred percent of the time.

An order is placed at the time it is submitted to LL via the Internet, telephone, facsimile or mail. Modification may not be made to your order after submission except upon prior authorization by LL. Following receipt of prior authorization, a modification to the order is valid only after LL receives a signed, written request from you via facsimile. There are financial and time expenditures to fulfill an order. Therefore, any cancellation requests must be submitted and received by us by registered mail return receipt requested or on our contact form at 24 business hours before we send your order to the government agency for filing or before service is provided. Business hours most weekdays are 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST excluding national holidays.

Some jurisdictions require you to provide due diligence documents before the company will be filed or delivered. These documents may include but may not be limited to a notarized copy of a passport, an original utility bill, bank statements, and/or a bank reference letter. In certain jurisdictions, we may file but cannot legally deliver your company until you provide the documents. In other jurisdictions we pay for but cannot file your company until you provide the required documents. Some activities require legal opinions. Some documents may need to be translated into English or another language. If there are fees for these additional requirements, you are responsible for them. We suffer the expense of establishing the company such as government and agent fees and these fees will not be refunded to us. You, in turn, agree that you are responsible for providing the required due diligence documents, regardless of the request, and that a refund is not available if you do not comply with the due diligence legislation.

Customer satisfaction means one or more of the following: (1) that the documents are accepted for filing and file stamped by a government agency, or (2) that documents ordered were drafted and delivered either by a common carrier, electronic delivery or other means or (3) that services ordered were performed. If any of the above is true of any part of the order, you agree that you are satisfied with the entire order.


WE DISCLAIM ALL WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusions of implied warranties, so the above exclusion may not apply to you.


There may be additional governmental or other fees that are due after your company or other document is created or filed and/or transferred to you. For example, the US State of Nevada requires a list of officers to be filed shortly after the corporation is filed. As of this writing the filing fee is $150 plus a $500 business license fee. Another example is that the State of California has annual prepaid franchise taxes in amounts that vary depending on the projected company revenue. If you have purchased an aged/shelf company, the renewal fees may be due soon after your purchase date. Because these fees are not due upon the initial filing of the company, LL may or may not charge you for this subsequent filing requirement in the standard initial filing fees. You will be required to cover the subsequent state, country, agent and/or other fees before the due date in order to keep your company or other entity in good standing in the state or country of formation. You are also generally required to maintain a registered agent for service of legal process in the state or country of incorporation and any jurisdiction where your company, according to the respective jurisdiction, is doing business. If LL bills you for the renewal of your legal entity, we tend to do so well before the due date. That is because there are often fines, late fees, penalties and/or revocations imposed on companies for late filings. Early billing gives us a cushion to help prevent the government or other entity from the consequences of late filings. It is your responsibility and not that of LL to keep your legal instrument in good standing. There are renewal fees for international trusts including, but not necessarily limited to, trustee and government fees. As of this writing the fee for registered agent services is $189 per year for any US state and $245 per year in any Canadian province. The renewal fees vary in other countries. If you do not pay your renewal fees with the government and your company goes into some form of derogatory standing the government (the terminology of which varies by state), that is your indication that you no longer want the company. Thus, you authorize us to use you payment method on file for your agent to resign on your company. If you do not inform LL otherwise in writing prior to its derogatory standing that is acknowledged in writing by management, you give LL permission to place the company that you indicated you no longer want for sale as an aged company, amend its name and/or reinstate its standing.


If your order involves an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) you agree that you are fully responsible for complying with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other applicable guidelines. IRAs require custodians. The custodians require payments for their services that generally coincides with the value of the assets inside of your IRA in their custody. You agree that you are fully responsible for the payment of the fees to the custodian and nothing that LL collected up front for other services includes fees that the IRA custodian charges.


Certain state laws require that a company publish its existence in a designated newspaper. LL may, at its sole option, perform this function for a client, especially if required of the incorporator or organizer of the entity. Statements on our website to the effect that the formation “Price includes publishing fees where required” means where required of the incorporator or organizer. LL will not publish or pay publication fees in certain states, including but not limited to, publication requirements of a New York Limited Liability Company. You are hereby made aware that if you request the formation of a New York LLC that publication requirements may be substantially more costly than the initial formation of the LLC itself and you will be responsible for these fees.


LL is an internet publishing service. The materials at this website contain information of general application and are not intended to replace the advice of an attorney. While our staff expends great efforts to maintain and publish accurate information, State, Provincial and Federal laws are dynamic and constantly evolving. In addition, laws are open to different interpretations and greatly vary amongst different jurisdictions.

When using our service, you will be acting as your own attorney. LL completes information on the required forms based on the information you have provided to us in your “Request for Incorporation” or “LLC Formation” submission and files the requisite forms with the appropriate state, provincial or federal agency. By providing you with this service, LL, its advisors, agents, representatives, and employees are not rendering any legal, tax or otherwise professional advice or service, and no representations or warranties, express or implied, are given regarding the legal or other consequences resulting from the use of our services or forms.

LL, its advisers, agents, representatives, and employees are not engaged in the practice of law and cannot provide you with legal advice. Although LL expends great efforts and respects the confidential nature of the information you are submitting to us, NO SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP or privilege exists between LL and you, including but not limited to any Attorney-Client relationship that might exist had you consulted with a licensed attorney.

If you speak with an attorney affiliated with LL, you agree that nothing should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation. LL and/or affiliated attorneys provide general information only, are not tax advisors, and have not and will not provide you with any legal, tax or compliance related advice with respect to our services. You will need to seek independent professional legal and tax advice. Most or all entities created LL are intended to be tax neutral and that any income earned, whether from a domestic or international entity, is reportable in the year earned regardless of whether or not such funds are withdrawn from the entity or repatriated in the case of international entities. Further, any information obtained from LL and/or affiliated companies and/or attorney(s) is not intended to create, and discussion, receipt, viewing or other director or indirect interaction does not constitute, an attorney-client relationship and any fees paid are not to be considered legal fees.

As with all important business matters, LL, its advisers, agents, representatives, and employees strongly recommend that you consult with an attorney licensed to practice law and a licensed CPA in the applicable jurisdiction in regards to the formation of your corporation, LLC, trust or other product or service we provide and its continued operations.


As consideration for the services you have selected, you agree to pay us the applicable service(s) fees. All fees payable hereunder are nonrefundable unless we provide otherwise. As further consideration for the Services, you agree to: (1) provide certain current, complete and accurate information about you as required by the application process and (2) maintain and update this information as needed to keep it current, complete and accurate. All such information shall be referred to as account information (“Account Information”).

You hereby grant us the right to disclose to third parties such Account Information. By completing and submitting a corporate name registration application, you represent that the Account Information in your application is correct and that the registration of the selected Corporate Name, so far as you are aware, does not interfere with or infringe upon the rights of any third party. You represent that the corporate name is not being registered for any unlawful purpose.


If you request authorized shares in your Articles of Incorporation that are in excess of the maximum number of shares allowed by the chosen filing state, province or country for a minimum filing fee, you are solely responsible for any and all tax fees incurred at any time. Some, but not all, jurisdictions charge additional filing fees when the number of shares and/or total stock par value increases. It is your responsibility to investigate the maximum number of shares allowed by a state, province or country to qualify for the minimum filing fee. The number of authorized shares in your Articles of Incorporation is selected at your sole discretion. If you do not instruct us otherwise, the standard stock structure is 1500 shares at no par value unless what is customary numbers varies in a particular jurisdiction or fewer shares qualify for the minimum filing fee.


When applicable, LL submits documents to the appropriate government office for filing. When LL receives the documents back from the government office, LL, in turn, ships the documents to you in accordance with the package that you have ordered. You agree that the government office, and not LL, controls the time frames in which company documents are filed and returned to LL. LL does not make timeframe promises because LL does not control the timing of government agencies or the timing of information/documents you may need to provide.

After the entity is filed, if a corporate kit or corporate record book was included with the order, it shall be manufactured after the company name is filed and approved by the government. (The reason for this is that it is impractical to order a corporate kit until the government approves the name so that a kit is not created with a name that has been rejected by the government.)


LL is not responsible for advising or reminding you of any requirements or obligations, including, but not limited to any annual reports, tax filings, taxes due, or state, provincial, county or federal publication requirements or fees associated with the product or service we provide to you. As of this writing there are 3,007 in the United States with varying filing requirements and fees. Because of the number of counties and other jurisdictions and the ever changing regulations, it is your responsibility to research the filing fees, taxes and other requirements of your county, parish, state, country or other pertinent jurisdiction. LL’s involvement in your product or service terminates at the time your product or service is created. Any requirements or obligations for the maintenance of your product or service are NOT the responsibility of LL and are the sole responsibility of you. In particular, unless you have contracted for LL to do so, any and all state, provincial, county or federal publication requirements in connection with your corporation, LLC or other product or service will be your sole responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to, the filing for your Chapter S Corporation election status. The form to apply for S-Corporation status must be signed by an officer of your company. Since we are not an officer of your company we cannot sign and file this form. Even if nominee officer/director/manager services are rendered, we will not be required to file such form or take action on behalf of the company unless authorized by the appropriate party in writing. We are not held responsible for missing or late tax forms or other filings, actions or inactions unless willfully fraudulent, in which case the nominee, not LL, is responsible. LL is a document preparation and filing service and not a tax or legal firm. Tax and legal needs should be acquired through licensed, knowledgeable, practicing members of these professions such as attorneys and accountants.


If, for an additional fee, you request our assistance in the opening of a bank account, we will make an effort to open an account that satisfies your needs. However, you agree that LL does not control the services offered by the bank nor which banks will or will not open the type of account you desire, nor your efforts in completing the required bank documentation. You agree that the bank, but not LL, controls the speed in which the bank account will or will not be opened. You agree that you are responsible for filling out the bank account opening application in its entirety and providing all information requested by the bank for account opening. Some banks charge additional fees for bank account opening, which are separate from, and in addition to, our service fee.

It is usually in your best interest not to contact the bank until after the account is open. The reason is that we have seen clients on numerous occasions make statements to the bank or communicate to the bank in a manner as to hinder account opening.

You agree to hold LL harmless for bank policies and conditions including, but not limited to, the following: a bank refusing the open an account, a bank taking more time to open an account than you desire, a bank requesting more information before a bank will open the account, changes in bank policy, the inability to open an account with a bank that has a convenient walk-in branch, the need to make deposits and withdrawals by mail rather than walking into the bank, deposits taking longer to clear than the client desires, the foreign language used at the bank, the bank not providing all of services that the client desires, including, but not limited to the ability to wire money out of the account or the presence or absence of credit or debit cards or the presence or absence of Internet access to the account, or the bank requiring you to travel to the bank in person before the account will be opened. If the bank requires travel you are fully responsible for any and all of the travel and associated expenses. In some cases, the only reasonable choice is to open the account at a bank that does not have walk-in branches convenient to the customer or a bank that does not have any walk-in branches. If this is the type of account that LL is able to open for you, you agree that LL has fulfilled its obligation.

In no case is LL obligated to refund the entire fee paid for additional products and services purchased in addition to the bank account because the bank account was not able to be opened or if you are not satisfied with the choice of banks. This is the case even if the main reason you established a legal entity or ordered associated services was for the purpose of opening a bank account or that an important deadline was missed because of bank account opening delays. For example if you ordered an LLC and a bank account and your bank of choice refused to open the account, the sole remedy is for LL, at its option, to refund only that portion of the fee paid that LL deems relates to the bank account opening, less costs and time incurred, or provide you with another banking option. LL has conducted extensive research to locate the banks that will open accounts without you being present, which it feels are stable institutions and offer reasonable service. It is your responsibility to complete the bank account application, provide the required due-diligence and to provide other documentation that the bank requests. Banks are required to screen their clients for legal and ethical activity. Failing to do so can result in a bank losing its license and/or restricting its ability to conduct transactions internationally. So, banks are not known for making exceptions to their due-diligence requirements.

Typical bank opening requirements include, but are not limited to, completing an account application, signing a signature card, providing a notarized copy of your passport, an original utility bill bearing your residential address, your company documents, a bank and/or professional reference letter and other requirements that vary depending on the bank. The bank will often call to verify the authenticity of the documents. By providing you with the bank names LL deems most feasible and making effort to provide you with bank account opening documents, LL has fulfilled its obligation under this agreement.

If you ordered additional items or services, additional, duplicate, due diligence documents may be required. For example, if you ordered a bank account, the law may require the bank to maintain an original set of your identification and reference documents. Regulations may also require a trustee or company service provider to have an original set of due diligence documents. So, you may need to provide multiple sets of originals.


Local and international regulations are in place to prevent money laundering and other harboring or movement of illicit funds. As such, trustees, bankers and others in the financial services industry are required to identify the appropriate parties to comply with these regulations and so that when withdrawal requests or other requests are made, the valuables are transferred to the appropriate parties. Therefore, there are know-your-customer requirements that must be met. A trustee will not generally make an exception to due-diligence requirements because doing so could result in fines and/or loss of license to conduct business.

The following is a list of some, but not necessarily all, of the documents typically required from a client in order to form an international trust: Client Assessment Data Form, Affidavit of Solvency, Proof of Source of Funds, Trust Information Document, The Money Laundering Control Act, Deed of Indemnity, A copy of the photograph page of your passport (or a copy of your driver’s license in some cases is sufficient) duly certified by a Notary Public, Original documentary evidence of your address (must be an original recent utility bill, credit card statement or bank statement – must be the original rather than a photocopy), A bank reference letter. You will be asked to sign some of the above documents and to provide a passport copy as stated above, a utility bill (or other as stated) and a bank reference letter. The list above is meant to provide an example of the documents typically required but no guarantee is made that other documents will not be needed and/or other requests made.

You are responsible for providing information for the completion of trust, including land trust, living trust and other documents, including but not limited to lien documents as well as providing us with entity names. We undergo preparatory work and incur expenses prior to your providing the information to complete your documents. So, your failure to provide the information we need to enter your information into documents is not a reason for a refund because of these irrecoverable preparatory expenses.


Credit card merchant accounts are used to charge your customers who pay by credit card. If, for an additional fee, you request our assistance in the opening of a credit card merchant account, we will make an effort to open an account that satisfies your needs. However, you agree that LL does not control the services offered by the merchant account company, the rates offered, nor which merchants will or will not open the type of account you desire, nor your efforts in completing the required merchant account documentation. You agree that the merchant account company, but not LL, controls the speed in which the merchant account will or will not be opened. You agree that you are responsible for filling out the merchant account application in its entirety and providing all information requested by for account opening.


You agree to hold LL harmless for merchant account policies and conditions including, but not limited to, the following: a merchant account company refusing the open an account, a merchant account company taking more time to open an account than you desire, a merchant account company requesting more information before they will open the account, the bank’s required initial deposit, changes in policy, the inability to open an account with rates you desire, the inability to open the merchant account with the terms you desire, the merchant account company not providing all of services or rates that the client desires, including, but not limited to, fees, reserves, merchant policies and others.

In some cases, the only reasonable choice is to open the merchant account at a company that charges higher than standard rates. This is especially true if the merchant account company considers the business to be of the “high risk” category, regardless of whether or not the client feels the business is high risk or if the client has a clean history or track record. If this is the type of account that LL is able to open for you, you agree that LL has fulfilled its obligation.
In no case is LL obligated to refund the entire fee paid for additional products and services purchased in addition to the credit card merchant account because the merchant account company was not able to be opened or if you are not satisfied with the choice of merchant account companies. This is the case even if the main reason you established a legal entity or ordered associated services was for the purpose of opening a credit card merchant account or that an important deadline was missed because of merchant account opening delays. For example if you ordered a corporation and a merchant account and the merchant account company of choice refused to open the account or charges higher rates than you desire, the sole remedy is for LL, at its option, to refund only that portion of the fee paid that LL deems relates to the merchant account opening or a portion of said fee, less out of pocket expenses, or provide you with another merchant account option. The fee paid for establishing a merchant account is paid to third parties to conduct risk assessment, so most often the fee paid to establish a merchant is fully nonrefundable. LL has conducted extensive research to locate the merchant account companies that will open accounts for low, medium and high-risk businesses, which it feels are reasonable institutions and offer reasonable service. By providing you with the names of the merchant account companies LL deems most feasible and making an effort to provide you with merchant account opening documents or referrals, LL has fulfilled its obligation under this agreement.


The office program, which typically consists of a phone number, fax number and address is offered as a client convenience only. The office program telephone number is most often a shared telephone line answered for many companies. Therefore, the calling party must leave the name of the company for which they are calling so we will be aware of to whom the message is to be relayed. LL is not responsible for lost mail, missed telephone calls, faxes, lost business opportunities or for any loss whatsoever. Naturally, refunds are not available once the service begins because LL bears the full cost of the office program up front.


These Terms of Service define the scope and limitations of Company’s obligations to the Customer and the Acceptable Use Policy of the Services and Products by Customer. Company shall be the sole and final arbiter in regards to the interpretation of the Agreement. By utilizing Company’s Services and Products, Customer agrees to be bound by the terms outlined in this Agreement.

If ordered, the Company will provide a corporation or limited liability company to the Customer. The Company will supply the Customer with a welcome packet by email or postal delivery. The Customer is responsible for completing the welcome packet and returning it properly completed to the Company. Once the welcome packet (which refers to an application and/or other requested documentation) is completed by the Customer and returned to the Company, the Company will submit information to Dun & Bradstreet with the objective, but not guarantee, to provide the following services:

1. Provide a business credit profile with one or more business credit bureaus.
2. Speed the credit building process by the Company or its affiliates paying an expedited fee to the credit reporting agency(ies) if you have paid for the expedited service.
3. Provide a Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) portfolio and account.
4. Create the 6 main D&B credit reports.
5. Create the 5 D&B scores and ratings in the 6 reports.
6. Submit to D&B information they request to create D&B scores and ratings.
7. Assist in customer establishing 4-6 trade references for the company.
8. Monitor the 6 D&B credit portfolios.

The Customer will do the following:

1. Properly complete the welcome packet and return it to the Company affiliate.
2. Provide all information requested by the Company and/or its affiliate to complete the credit profile.
3. Follow the direction of the Company and/or affiliate in the credit profile completion process.

An aged company or shelf company is a corporation, LLC or other similar entity that has been established on a prior date.



BECAUSE IT COULD DEROGATORILY AFFECT CREDIT PROFILE, CUSTOMER AGREES NOT TO CONTACT CREDIT REPORTING AGENCY DIRECTLY UNTIL THE PROPER TIME AND WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE COMPANY. CUSTOMER UNDERSTANDS THAT THERE IS SIGNIFICANT PREPARATORY WORK CONDUCTED BEFORE THE FILE IS SUBMITTED TO CREDIT REPORTING AGENCY. PREMATURE FILE SUBMISSION OR IMPROPER CONTACT WITH CREDIT REPORTING AGENCY MAY HAVE DEROGATORY EFFECT ON CREDIT PROFILE AND CUSTOMER ACCEPTS FULL AND COMPLETE RESPONSIBILITY. THE COMPANY CAN SUBMIT INFORMATION TO THE CREDIT REPORTING AGENCY BUT DO NOT CONTROL THEIR INTERPRETATION OF THE DATA, THEREFORE DO NO GUARANTEE THEY WILL INTERPRET THE SUBMISSION AS TO PROVIDE THE REPORTS, SCORES AND RATINGS THAT ARE DESIRED, NOR DOES THE COMPANY GUARANTEE THE ABOVE ITEMS WILL BE COMPLETED IF YOU OR THE CREDIT REPORTING AGENCY DOES NOT COOPERATE AS DESIRED. Any additional fees as part of the credit building process will be the responsibility of the customer. The following will not be paid to COMPANY as they are services provided by 3rd party companies. These include, but are not limited to D&B set up fee ranging from zero to five hundred ninety nine dollars, trade account set up fee, cost of products from vendors, STATE filing fees, business license fees, business phone set up or other phone related fees, personal credit report fees, bank fees and any other fees that are customary to the general practice of business. All of the above are fees that are to be expected by anyone who plans to be in business.

Customer understands and agrees that he/she/they must cooperate thoroughly with THE COMPANY in the handling of this matter, doing all that is necessary to provide THE COMPANY with information requested by THE COMPANY; further, that Customer will leave THE SERVICE under the direction and control of THE COMPANY so long as this agreement remains in effect, and Customer will not provide information to any other entity or persons involved nor communicate directly with any other person or entity about the matter except as directed by THE COMPANY AS THIS MAY DEROGATORILY AFFECT CREDIT PROFILE.

In addition, Customer agrees to pay timely all of Customer’s business and personal bills/accounts including but not limited to lines of credit, credit cards, revolving accounts and loans. Customer agrees not to apply for credit without giving prior notice to THE COMPANY. Customer also agrees that the total amount of credit that THE COMPANY is hired as consultants to help obtain is an accumulated total of efforts by the customer and THE COMPANY.

Henceforth, the Company retains the right to modify the Agreement at any time and from time to time and any such modification shall be automatically effective as to all customers when adopted by the Company and published on the appropriate sub-page of or subsequent location as the website may be updated.


“Corporate Shield Program” consists of filling out or helping you fill out your corporate record book template. We are not a law firm and do not provide you with legal advice. We help you complete the stock or membership certificate, book of records based upon information you have provided. We are not drafting customized operating agreements for LLCs, customized bylaws for corporations, employment agreements or any other kind of customized documents. We do not provide a line by line explanation of the documents. Any state specific matters on these issues need to be reviewed by attorneys in the appropriate jurisdiction pertaining to your needs. 


Though your name or the person you designate will appear on the documents that transfer the company to you or your designee, you agree that your name or your designee may or may not appear in the articles of incorporation or articles of organization. There is a separate document that transfers the company to you or your assignee. This is roughly equivalent to the name of an automobile manufacturer remaining on the automobile, then the title document being used as the legal, binding transfer. Similarly, we or our agents form a corporation as the incorporator and form a limited liability company as the organizer and then execute documents that transfer the company to you. In some cases, our company or a person we designate will be the initial officer, director, member or manager of the company. You agree that the transfer of the company to you shall typically appear on the transfer documents and not the articles themselves.


If you have ordered a service that includes mail forwarding, you will pay postage and handling for items forwarded to you. A deposit of twenty-five US dollars, or more if you specify, will be added to the cost of your mail forwarding service. This deposit will be renewed with your approval. You also authorize us to charge your credit card on file to cover the shipping costs for packages.


WHEREAS, the Company, formerly known as Lawyers Limited, has undergone a legal name change to Liberty Business Group, Inc.;

WHEREAS, the You and the Company may have entered into one or more agreements (the “Agreement”)  wherein the Company was referred to as Lawyers Limited;

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements herein contained, the parties hereto agree as follows:

Acknowledgment of Name Change: The parties acknowledge that Lawyers Limited refers to Liberty Business Group, Inc., are one and the same entity, and that the name change does not affect the validity, enforceability, or terms of the Agreement.

Ratification of Agreement: Any Agreement executed or compensation exchanged between Lawyers Limited and you is hereby ratified and confirmed in all respects. All references to Lawyers Limited in the Agreement shall be deemed to refer to Liberty Business Group, Inc.

No Impact on Rights and Obligations: The name change from Lawyers Limited to Liberty Business Group, Inc. shall have no impact on the rights, obligations, or responsibilities of either party under the Agreement. The Agreement shall remain in full force and effect, as if executed by Liberty Business Group, Inc.

Further Assurances: The parties agree to execute and deliver such further documents and perform such further acts as may be reasonably necessary to effectuate the purposes of this Amendment.

Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Florida without regard to its conflicts of laws principles.


There may be additional miscellaneous fees associated with your order that we may request that are not listed on our website. These fees may be for additional shipping charges, document legalization, consulting packages, renewal fees, or other fees or unforeseen items that may be associated with your order or an increase in our required out of pocket costs that we were made aware of before our published prices were updated. The addresses on this and affiliated websites may or may not be up to date. Some or all company representatives work from remote residential locations rather than in one central business location. Some addresses are listed and photographs, including but not limited to photographs of buildings, are displayed for historical purposes and do not represent the current status. Please be sure to contact a representative for the proper address before sending correspondence. Lawyers Limited was originally filed June the eighth in the year nineteen hundred and six in the U.S. state of Nevada. The current owners of the company acquired it on or about January the third in the year two thousand and eight. The company has not been in its current line of business during its lifetime. The name of the company has changed and the company has been revived, amended and reinstated. You agree not to rely on the age of LL as a reason for conducting business with us. This entire agreement affects all current and future transactions between the parties.


You agree that we may revise the terms and conditions of this Agreement and change the services provided under this Agreement. Any such revision or change will be binding and effective immediately upon posting the revised version. Agreement or change to the service(s) on our website, or on notification to you by email or regular mail. You agree to review our website, including this Agreement, periodically to be aware of any such revisions. You agree that, by continuing to use our Services following notice of any revision to this Agreement or change in service(s), you abide by any such revisions or changes.


LL and associated persons including, but not limited to shareholders, officers, directors, employees, contractors, subcontractors may hold a financial interest in or receive payment from those parties to whom LL refers you to, including but not limited to, financial institutions, trustees, registered agents, company formation firms, merchant account processors and others. LL may receive commissions from or receive other forms of payment from financial institutions, including, but not limited to banks, stock brokerage firms, investment houses and money managers as a result of the business they transact with you. You agree and accept such arrangements and acknowledge this has been fully disclosed to you.


You agree that our entire liability, and your exclusive remedy, with respect to any Services(s) provided under this Agreement and any breach of this Agreement is solely limited to the amount you paid for such Service(s). LL shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages resulting from the use or inability to use any of the Services or for the cost of procurement of substitute services. Because some states, provinces or countries do not allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, in such states, provinces or countries, our liability is limited to the extent permitted by law. Once corporate name registrations are processed, they are non-cancelable and non-refundable. Before submitting your order, double-check the spelling and accuracy of your corporate name(s).

LL disclaims any and all loss or liability resulting from, but not limited to: (1) loss or liability resulting from access delays or access interruptions; (2) loss or liability resulting from data non-delivery or data mis-delivery; (3) loss or liability resulting from acts of God; (4) loss or liability resulting from errors, omissions, or misstatements in any and all information provided under this Agreement.
You agree that we will not be liable for any loss of registration and use of registrant’s corporate name, or for interruption of business, or any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind (including lost profits) regardless of the form of action whether in contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.


You agree to release, indemnify, and hold us, our contractors, agents, employees, officers, directors, owners and affiliates harmless from all liabilities, claims and expenses, including attorney’s fees, of third parties relating to or arising under this Agreement, the Services provided hereunder or your use of the Services, including without limitation infringement by you of any intellectual property or other proprietary right of any person or entity, or from the violation of any of our operating rules or policy relating to the service(s) provided. If LL is threatened with suit by a third party, we may seek written assurances from you concerning your promise to indemnify us. Your failure to provide those assurances may be considered a breach of your Agreement. You unconditionally agree that you will not publish, up-load or make public, in any manner, any false, misleading, fraudulent, malicious and/or deceptive written or oral statements, whether electronically, on-line, via internet, via websites, via social media, or otherwise, regarding our products and/or services and/or file any false, misleading, fraudulent, malicious and/or deceptive complaints with any agency, person and/or entity regarding our products and/or services.You further agree to give us a reasonable opportunity to correct any complaint and agree to participate in mediation in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida. If you fail to follow these terms and conditions of our agreement to provide products and/or services, you may be subject to a Civil Lawsuit in Broward County for Defamation of Business Reputation or otherwise. Venue for mediation and litigation, if any, is Broward County, Florida, and both parties agree to share the cost of the mediation. This is not meant in any way to prohibit or restrict the ability of an individual who is a party to the form contract to engage in a covered communication. Its purpose, among other legal reasons, is to prevent libelous, slanderous, harassing, abusive, obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, or other inappropriate communication with respect to race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or other intrinsic characteristic; that is unrelated to the goods or services offered by or available at such our Internet website or webpage; or communication that is clearly false or misleading.


You agree that failure to abide by any provision of this Agreement may be considered by us to be a material breach and that we may provide a written notice, describing the breach, to you. Any breach by you shall not be deemed to be excused simply because we did not act earlier in response to that, or any other breach by you.


LL seeks to provide fair and competitive pricing. LL reserves the right to change its pricing structure at any time without notice. For example, one rate may be quoted for the renewal of a business structure when the initial transaction is consummated, but that rate may change in the future when the renewal is due because of unforeseen increased government fees or out of pocket costs, or for other reasons. Statements made by LL that we meet and/or beat competitor’s pricing is to be interpreted as we regularly beat competitor’s pricing and reserve the right to beat the prices of competitors at LL’s sole option. LL is not obligated to refund the difference between LL and competitor’s pricing after a sale has consummated.


You agree that, by registration or reservation of your chosen corporate name, such registration or reservation does not confer immunity from objection to the registration, reservation, or use of the corporate name. In addition, you may not rely on the fact that your entity has been formed, nor should our order business cards, letterhead, or incur other expenses bearing your proposed company name until AFTER you have received original, state, province or federal government stamped documents. (Some states, provinces or countries will issue a “Certificate” of incorporation, for example).


You agree and warrant that the information that you provide to us to register or reserve your entity name is, to the best of your knowledge and belief, accurate and complete, and that any future changes to this information will be provided to us in a timely manner according to the modification procedures in place at that time. If your order was placed through a representative, he or she will make a concerted effort to write accurate information regarding your chosen company name, your name, address and other information. However, mistakes or misinterpretations occur. You will hold LL harmless for such mistakes or misinterpretations. The best choice is for you to provide the information in writing via email or other electronic means to help insure greater accuracy. You agree that your use of our Services is solely at your own risk. You agree that such Service(s) is provided on an “as is,” “as available” basis. We expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. We make no warranty that the Services will meet your requirements, or that the Services will be timely, secure, or error free; nor do we make any warranty as to the results that may be obtained from the use of the Services or as to the accuracy or reliability of any information obtained.


We, in our sole discretion, reserve the right to refuse to register or reserve your chosen corporate name. In the event we refuse to register or reserve your corporate name, we agree to refund your applicable fee(s). You agree that we shall not be liable to you for loss or damages that may result from our refusal to register your corporate name.


The section headings contained in this agreement are for reference purposes only and shall not affect the meaning or interpretation of this agreement.


In the event that any of the provisions of this Agreement are held to be unenforceable, such provisions shall be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary so that the Agreement shall otherwise remain in full force and effect.

You agree that this Agreement amounts to the complete and exclusive agreement between you and us regarding our Services. This Agreement supersedes any prior agreements and understandings, whether established by custom, practice, policy or precedent.


This Agreement is entered into in the US state of Florida and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Florida, exclusive of its choice of law rules. Each party to this Agreement submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the State and Federal Courts having jurisdiction in the County of Broward in the state of Florida, and waives any jurisdictional, venue, or inconvenient forum objections to such courts. In any action to enforce this Agreement, the prevailing party will be entitled to reasonable court costs and attorney fees.


This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and LL and supersedes any prior agreement, whether oral or written, between you and LL.

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